Do you want to feel 10 years younger?

The Somalogy™ system can give you a compass to navigate your life with more dignity and youth.

In as little as 3 sessions you can achieve amazing results with your posture and how you feel about yourself. You can feel lighter, happier and younger. Participants report the feeling of floating along after sessions; they feel uplifted and energetic.


Why does it work so well?

We use cutting-edge techniques to work with your tissues and nervous system; the web that holds you upright. By understanding how to intelligently organize your posture and changing the nerve signals, we can make improvements to your well-being. Imagine putting on a sweater where one side is too small and distorted, and you have to fight the pull of the sweater to have a nice posture. That is how distortions in your body-mind works. By correcting these problems you can open up to flow and ease in your body.

Coupled with nutritional and lifestyle advice the results can be integrated efficiently into your daily movement patterns, and you can even keep evolving towards youth if you expand your movement and posture awareness more and more.


Somalogy™ is about you getting great posture without having to hold it with force!