Tyr Throne

Founder of Somalogy – the science of the living body

NYC USA, Bali, Norway, Canada, Thailand, Germany, and Italy

Skype: tyrthrone

Email: tyrthrone@gmail.com


Tyr Throne is the creator of Somalogy (aka Body Evolution) and directs Somalogy training institutes in America, Europe and Asia. He is certified in Advanced Structural Integration, the Feldenkrais method, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga and Meditation. Tyr is also an award-winning director of dance and theater, performed in the White House and even for the royal Queen of England, draws much inspiration for Somalogy science from his years as a dancer. Somalogy began over 40 years ago when Tyr Throne first started integrating physical, psychological and dance theatrical therapies while studying pre-medicine at the university in Santa Cruz, California. He has been passionately developing this privileged science ever since.

About Tyr Throne

Tyr has developed The Youthing System of SOMALOGY™,  a leading-edge modality, over a 30 year period. He has done this through the United States, Germany and Asia through his private practice: research and development, clinical work, teaching and training students in his Somalogy and Youthing programs.

Developed over 250 SCULPT and FLOAT structural body work methods; more than 150 verbal and written Evolutionary Process Systems to enhance the physical changes through emotional and spiritual evolution; and over 300 Evolutionary Movement Exploration special exercises and Evolutionary Movement Interactive body use training/learning techniques.

Developed Healing Trance Dance, Sei Tai Katsugen Undo and other healing ritual movement and meditation experiences for individuals and groups.

  • Pre-medical studies with an interest & emphasis in surgery & psychology.
  • 14 years institutional work in over 400 hospitals, prisons and schools; performing & teaching with psychiatric geriatrics, the criminally insane, emotionally disturbed, autistic, mentally retarded, terminally ill and learning challenged.
  • Basic & Advanced Structural Integration Certification (with Richard Demmerle, son of Ida Rolf, Ph.D.). Developed “The Next 100? Structural Integration sessions.
  • Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. Member of the Feldenkrais Federation. Founder of the New Feldenkrais Association of NY and Advanced Feldenkrais Workshops.
  • Acupuncture certification with Dr. Liang, Director of Guangzow Institute of China.
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy certification through NYNLP. Continuing education in Trauma and Addiction Recovery through NY Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.
  • Multi-level Body Harmony training with Dr. Macfarland (Founder).
  • Kung Fu training with Sifu Cambrelen, International Champion. 30 years Martial Arts experience.
  • Tai Chi & Qi Gung training with Dr. Ma in Hong Kong. 15 years teaching experience.
  • Yoga and meditation training in India. 20 years teaching experience.
  • Over 20 years professional dance experience as Ballet Master, Principle Dancer and Guest Artist. Has staged: Nutcracker, Romeo & Juliet, Cinderella, Don Q, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and Contemporary works.

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