Have ever noticed that you get an impression about who people are just by the way the move and “hold themselves”?
Have you ever wondered what “system” in the body is responsible for this? (i.e. Nervous system, lymph/blood)

Without knowing people at all, and maybe without even conciously thinking about it, we “read” peoples postures, their body language, how they present their body to the outside world. And we instinctively know quite alot about this person, and how they are feeling, maybe not conciously, but sub-conciously, we do. The truth is we have assessed whether a person is interresting or not usually long before we have even spoken to them.

This is the power of the connective tissue. This web is what’s holding you upright, it’s what’s stopping you from beeing a pool of liquids on the floor. It’s holds everything together, and obvisouly connects everything. If we’d extract all the connective tissue from your body it would look like a spider-web replica of you. Exactly like you, nose eyes, ears and even the finest detail. It’s the “web of life”.

This web is made up of a liquid crystal produced by your cells. Mostly collagen and elastin fibers.

Structural Integration, yoga and other physical healing modalities work with the connective tissue and nervous system to help you attain a better quality of life.