Do you want to improve your performance as an athlete?

Evolutionary Movement Exploration (EME) can help you become more agile and move with less effort.
Coupled with Somalogy™ SCULPT sessions this is a powerful tool for improving your performance in any sport or art form. This is the performance-enhancing movement science for the future.

EME is designed to integrate your body as a whole. Every movement affects your whole body. Learn how to move with natural movement patterns instead of holding yourself back.

Any athlete, dancer or martial artist will experience more ease and strength in movement.
Increase in performance is to be expected after very few sessions.

Your Somalogy™ practitioner will support you in finding your effortless and integrated movement style with hands-on techniques and physical education.

The groundbreaking science of Somalogy™ takes the best from world famous systems and combines it with innovative curiosity and decades of wisdom derived from experience working with people from all walks of life, and a detailed relationship with the body. The creator of Somalogy, Tyr Throne, has been a professional martial artist and ballet dancer, and has been working with structural integration in various ways.