We all know how important posture is. And if you don’t you should find out.

In our society of chair-sitting, adrenalin-fueled lifestyle and too little natural movement, postural problems are literally everywhere. Back pains, knee pains, shoulder pains, the list goes on and on.

The key to getting pain free and feeling great is in the brain-body connection! In Somalogy sessions you get a chance to experience and explore how your state of mind affects the state of the body, and vice versa. Most clients find this very enlightening and interesting.


Somalogy™ is a bodywork system that sculpts, changes and improves the shape and form of the body by working with the connective tissue, circulatory system and nerve tissue and how your mind relates directly to your physical state of being.


Read what happens in a treatment

Somalogy practitioners use a hands-on technique for “re-structuring” the body according to your desires. You then, travel with this new body becoming the person you desire to be. Somalogists use innovative exercises in training you through a visual, written and verbal process to assist you toward your destination.

This affects the way you move and feel tremendously. You can experience feeling younger, lighter, more powerful and so much more! (for complete list see below)

Our clients report feeling much younger, more buoyant movement, physically aligned and with a far greater sense of ease walking and sitting.


Here’s an introduction to what you can learn about through Somalogy™:

Somalogy™ can teach you to unfreeze a frozen shoulder, hips or back. Back pains, neck pains, shoulder pains. Low energy caused by postural distortions (this is more common than you’d think!). It may correct bad posture and may help safeguard you against future back problems.
Working with the nerves in the skin seems to release sub/un-conscious “holding” patterns and this seems to help people be less controlling, negative, expecting, angry, depressed, bored, fearful and boring. Participants report feeling more accepting, positive, joyful, fulfilled, intimate, passionate and safe.
The tissue manipulation also seems to affect our spiritual state. When we release nervous tension (this is what we do in yoga, a spiritual path of healing) we can experience being more trusting, have more clarity and to be more courageous. This is just a few of the spiritual benefits participants report from Somalogy™ bodywork.

About Tyr Throne, Founder of Somalogy


Tyr Throne is the creator of Somalogy (aka Body Evolution) and directs Somalogy training institutes in Europe and Asia.  He is certified in Advanced Structural Integration, the Feldenkrais method, Neuro Linguistic ProgrammingCranial Sacral Therapy, Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga and Meditation.

Tyr is also an award-winning director of dance and theater, performed in the White House and even for the royal Queen of England, draws much inspiration for Somalogy science from his years as a dancer.

Somalogy began over 40 years ago when Tyr Throne first charted integrating physical, psychological and dance theatrical therapies while studying pre-medicine at the university in Santa Cruz, California. He has been passionately developing this privileged science ever since.