“I had severe sciatic problems which left me bent over and feeling and looking very old and in terrible pain and so I have tried a number of therapies and remedies and been deluged with suggestions, sometimes frustratingly quasi-contradictory, from many well-meaning friends and experienced health care professionals.

But then I started going to a body worker named Tyr Throne, and I want to say that he’s well worth investigating. I went for an initial visit with my usual skepticism, but even after one visit, I found myself standing and walking straighter and more pain-free and looking younger than I had in months.  I have found my work with him to be more productive than that with any of the other professionals I have ever seen.

His practice is rooted in a thorough knowledge of human physiology and biomechanics and helps you to “restructure” the troublesome areas so the pain won’t come back.  I have to sit at the computer and piano for hours each day and he is also very good at teaching me what I need to do to get myself out of trouble when my back tightens up.

I’m an intellectualizer, and always tend to try to understand with the mind, rather than with the body, and am always wary of alternative practices. That’s why my therapist (psychological) told me about six years ago that I would be much better off going to yoga classes, instead of to her. Which I did, and am still doing, twice a week. And whatever progress I’ve made in staving off the Grim Reaper, sciatic pain, and posture improvement, I owe mostly to yoga and Tyr. Anyone with back trouble would do well to give him a try.”

– David Shire, Academy Award winning composer