Thomas A. Whitaker, M.D., F.A.C.S.

As a physician, I whole-heartedly endorse Tyr Throne and his work. I recently had the privilege of working with Tyr over a four-day period. After just the first session, I felt much taller, lighter, thinner and years younger with my head in a much better position. In addition, I had much better self worth, as if I could take on the world being more secure and with more vitality.

I feel Tyr’s work is important for all people. Walking back to my hotel after this first session, I looked at the postures of others on the NYC streets. The general population has such poor posture. I realized this is a national crisis, and feel Tyr’s methods could really help.

During the remaining sessions, my body became much more relaxed, I felt more intelligent and again much younger. I continued to feel more sensation, more intelligent and more energized with more control. Truly, this was a progressive journey. I felt I certainly could take on difficult challenges, being younger and rejuvenated.

My body became more flexible and open. This was a wonderful, stimulating and enjoyable feeling and was an amazing transformation with feeling much younger, looser and more relaxed. These changes were not only physical but also cognitive. Truly, I was and am more aware of my body, thanks to Tyr.

Getting to know Tyr was an absolute pleasure. His expertise is second to none, and, without question, he has a great understanding of anatomy and physiology and how it relates to one’s posture, flexibility, and well-being. Throughout each session, he demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and expertise in every manner.

As a physician, I whole-heartedly endorse Tyr Throne, and suggest that his understanding and knowledge of how the body could more ideally function be taught at every medical school, orthopedic and neurological residences, as well as in all programs of physical therapy.

–       Thomas A. Whitaker, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Heike Hermann, M.D.

“As medical doctor in general practice Tyr Throne’s work became of great importance in the understanding and support of my patients in a holistic sense. The exercises are precise, but simple, smooth and graceful, so that anybody can practice them actively, old and young, well trained or not.

All problems in the neck, back, shoulders, hips, knees, legs and even in one’s posture can improve permanently as a result of these Tyr Throne’s work exercises. A younger, freer, more flexible and energetic livelihood can be almost instantly obtained through these techniques.

My first personal experience with Tyr Throne’s work at a four day-workshop was life altering. After 2 days my knee and back pain was totally gone, an ailment, that had aggravated me for years. By realizing the correlation between my body problems and my emotional and spiritual obstacles, I could make better choices for healthy movements and supporting believes.

Tyr Throne’s work is now an everyday part of my life. I am easily able to maintain the exercises as a regular part of my daily routine, not only for my own health and wellbeing, but as an important means of connecting with my patients on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, to support them in their evolutionary process of healing. I’m so grateful towards Tyr Throne for making his work a transcending reality.”

– Heike Hermann MD

Scott Marder M.D. - Physician and psychiatrist

“I most strongly endorse Tyr Throne’s work. Having working with several bodyworkers in recent years to improve my posture, I had reached an impasse and was somewhat demoralized until meeting Tyr.

I consider Tyr a scientist and artist rolled into one. He clearly understands human anatomy, and how it all comes together for optimal functioning. More deeply, he is able to appreciate the subtle glitches in the individual he is working with. The artist comes out in him as he creatively weaves together techniques that are fun and effective in re-sculpting the body.

My body is reconnecting to the way it should feel which is profound in changing the way I relate to myself and the world for the better.”

– Scott Marder MD, physician/psychiatrist

Antje Reinhardt, Medical Doctor and Scientist and Specialist of Sports Medicine

“As medical doctor with a long time experience in Sports Medicine I have come in contact with many different forms of therapy – Tyr Throne’s work is for sure the most efficient, deep and holistic one that I know.

In his work the client becomes a participant because he is active during his transformational process and he can experience his own physical, emotional, spiritual inseparability. It is easy to achieve new perspectives and new changes.

This work gave me the gift to see consciously new possibility for my own evolution, transformation and spiritual opening.”

– Antje Reinhardt, Medical Doctor and Scientist and Specialist of Sports Medicine

Rudolph Ballentine, M.D.

“I highly recommend Tyr Throne’s work. I have achieved greater results from working with him than any other bodywork method that I have tried.

I have worked with many professionals over my over 40 years of practicing medicine and feel that he is the world’s expert on movement and posture and nobody knows more than him about this and that it would be really good for anyone interested in improving their health, flexibility, body use, movement, and posture to work with him. His specialty is in helping people get younger and more healthy and flexible.

He works by sculpting the body with deep and slow pressure, taking out any twists and compressions that cause pain, and slowly sculpting the body towards its ideal alignment and form. He works basically with reeducation of the musculoskeletal system and is a wizard at helping us understand how to change the way we stand and move, and bringing the neglected muscles back into play to create beautiful, balanced, joyful movement. He also does outstanding work with injuries and tight or painful and blocked areas. His work is very interesting and completely complementary to the holistic medicine work I am doing.

He works carefully with each person individually on what is most important to them. You set up what you want to achieve and how you want to evolve and he is quite expert at helping you get there. He is an excellent teacher about the body and a lot of fun to work with and has the highest level of personal and professional integrity. I hope you have a chance to experience and benefit from his work. It really is a great pleasure.”

– Rudolph Ballentine, MD, founding president of the Himalayan Institute, international authority on holistic medicine and bestselling author of eight books on holistic medicine including “Radical Healing”

Ian Ellington, M.D.

“Tyr is absolutely amazing. I have tried numerous bodywork techniques to try and improve my posture through the years to no avail. After 45 minutes with Tyr, I not only felt like I had a new body but also felt like I was a new person in my new body. He helped me find a completely different way of allowing my pelvis to rotate in order to widen the chest and straighten my back. It actually felt uncomfortable going back to the “old way” of standing.

After one session, my posture is different, my self-esteem is improved, and people are saying, “You look taller.” and “Wow, your chest is so much bigger.” It is incredible. His influence has been and continues to be strongly with me and in my body. I am so much more aware of my body and how the parts work together—now they are working together and not against each other. I am continuing the wonderful exercises he gave me which really helps to maintain my body awareness.

As a physician, it is absurd to me why this method is not being taught in every medical and physical therapy program—they are simply life changing and should be taught in every medical and physical therapy program throughout the world.” – Ian Ellington, MD