Adam Norde, restaurateur

“Tyr Throne is a rock-star in the bodywork world. I am addicted to bodywork and have the time and means to indulge in every form of it. Tyr is the best of the best, a teacher of teachers. I changed more in one session with him than 10 Rolfing sessions, and countless massage, Cranial-Sacral, Reki, Energy-work, Feldenkrais, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, and doctor’s visits. He is so fun and funny it is a delight to be around him, and his results are miraculous.”

– Adam Norde, restaurateur

Krista Bard, CEO Bard Strategie

“I feel like Tyr Throne’s work is a key to moving better; more intelligently; and is about catalyzing the cells to have a new signal and new muscle pattern of working that is regenerative and adaptive instead of degenerative and destructive.”

– Krista Bard, CEO Bard Strategies

Duccio Pellegrini, Manager

“Tyr Throne’s work is a way of Being. If you want to be better than you are now, or find yourself again, then try Tyr Throne’s work.”

– Duccio Pellegrini, Manager

Mara Piccini, wife of the Mayor of Livorno, Italy

“After the session with Tyr my entire being felt better, my breathing is improving, getting more free and fluid. My way of standing changed, now I feel my hip can move together with my head. My will and desire to go out from my house is coming back.

I want to walk again, I feel more safe and stronger when I walk…I don’t feel dizzy anymore. During my last session I could notice that I want to go deeper each time, I want to know more every time I work with Tyr Throne’s work because I feel wellbeing in my all person. Today I learned to move with all different body parts in a new a more easy gentle way from the head to the feet, by standing, by sitting, by lying down on the bed, on the front and on the back. It was funny and interested for me.

Now I feel lighter and I can move more free.”

– Mara Piccini, wife of the Mayor of Livorno, Italy

Mr. Rossi, Executive Manager

“After my session with Tyr I feel younger and stronger…like I lion. I felt like this when I was 20 years old. I could have broken a stone with my hand if I wanted. It is amazing. I could feel powerful and peaceful at the same time.”

– Mr. Rossi, Executive Manager

Lisa Rossi, Head Administrator

“By feeling my body more free and light my state of being changed. I am more rich now and I know what to do if my pain on my neck came back again.”

– Lisa Rossi, Head Administrator

Heidi Wolf, Art Therapist

“Tyr Throne’s work is a fascinating way to understand how my body can function better; it is way of sculpting your body, a way of becoming more human, a way for develop your personal potential.”

– Heidi Wolf, Art Therapist

Alessia Sonetti , Grade School Teacher

“Tyr Throne’s work showed me a new way to see inside and outside of myself. It gave me a new and more holistic way to approach my problems in life“

– Alessia Sonetti , Grade School Teacher

Valentina Lessi, MA Literature and English

“Tyr Throne’s work was such a very interesting experience for my body and mind.”

– Valentina Lessi, MA Literature and English

Maurizio, musician

“Tyr Throne’s work can connect your body and mind. It brings harmony in my way of moving and feeling.”

– Maurizio, musician

Anna, Beautician

“With Tyr Throne’s work I became conscious of my way of standing and sitting. My ability of concentration improved, my way of feeling is getting more clear and deep.”

– Anna, Beautician

Moreno Ciccolini. Artisan

“Tyr Throne’s work is a technique that affects my entire person in a positive gentle way by working on a deep level. I can move more freely. I can work more efficiently with less effort. I feel a general wellbeing.”

– Moreno Ciccolini. Artisan

Raffaele Barretta, general manager

“Tyr Throne’s work showed me a way to feel my body consciously.”

– Raffaele Barretta, general manager

Sabrina Bernotti, Sport Teacher

“Tyr Throne’s work is a personal exploration you can use to understand yourself better and deeper.”

– Sabrina Bernotti, Sport Teacher

Josephine Johnson, Head Administrator

“The past two weeks since my session with Tyr have been quite eventful. More releasing of mental tension followed by bouts of energy releases throughout the body and many other beneficial changes. The night of my last session I slept beautifully. I remember thinking to myself as I was sleeping this sleep is different, more relaxed and deep.

The various relaxing techniques you gave me have come in handy. I’ve found two of them to be most beneficial. The emotional release of aggression surfaced. I am on a roll speaking as my true being. Not willing to be or accept less. A friend commented on the difference. It gave her food for thought as they say. How do you like that? Yoga and exercise are back in my daily routine.

Wonderful things are happening. I am evolving!”

– Josephine Johnson, Head Administrator