Sylvia Buehler, Senior Manager for Lufthansa Airlines

“This training was one of the most amazing and valuable experiences of my life.”

– Sylvia Buehler, Senior Manager for Lufthansa Airlines.

David Kinne, Web Designer

“What I love about Tyr Throne’s work and the professional training is its effectiveness, solidity, groundedness and reliability. It is the most efficient method for personal transformation I have ever experienced.”

– David Kinne, Web Designer

Marilise Tronto, therapist, writer and teacher of theater

“The immediate personal and professional benefits of this Tyr Throne’s work is that it helps you develop new professional skills to enhance and deepen your practice as a massage therapist, teacher, Feldenkrais practitioner, therapist, or performing artist. It also gives you many valuable life skills and tools to approach daily living with more enthusiasm and joy because you can approach each moment with your own goals of transformation and becoming. One of the things I love about Tyr Throne’s work is that it has helped so many people become pain-free, with a greater ease and mobility and that it has sometimes been able to offer an alternative solution to more invasive surgery like I had to have for my knee. I only wish I had experienced Tyr’s work sooner.

This work gives a chance to heal and to bring healing to others; a way to encourage and invite my own and others’ transformation; a way to help people understand they do not have to accept pain as permanent or their frustrations/limitations as finite. A way to go places in being alive that I do not even know yet. A way to bring all the strands of my many talents into better relation and fruition. The hope that I will not leave this lifetime with so much talent not well shared. The hope that I can inspire others not just in word and in spirit but in fact, in their own body-mind-experience, to seek and nourish their own greatness and beauties.

Tyr’s work is a very condensed, compressed system of assisted body-mind-spirit explorations that guide the person to more efficient and eloquent uses of their organism. Because it is scientific in design and poetically expressed in the exchange between the Practitioner and Participant, it opens levels of feeling and movement in the body, mind, and psyche that are not accessible through other explorations that focus the Participant’s attention in a more limited fashion. It is profoundly healing in ways both immediately obvious and in subtle progressions.”

– Marilise Tronto, therapist, writer and teacher of theater

Christine Brauss, Somalogy Practitioner, Youthing and Tai Chi teacher and Trager Practitioner

“Tyr Throne’s work is the most valuable and deep way of exploring the structure of my body and mind I have found. After two explorations in a group and three private sessions of Tyr’s work I already am able to “leave my head alone” on the top of my spine. Shall I tell you how long I wore it in front of my chest in spite of all the good advice of other bodyworkers? I feel the accruing changes I could experience with BE are only the beginning of many more surprises to come! The whole process of BE is a passionate and fascinating work to be continued.”

– Christine Brauss, Somalogy Practitioner, Youthing and Tai Chi teacher and Trager Practitioner

Sean Matic, Actor

“Tyr Throne’s work gives the chance to feel how holding in the muscles and the skeleton affects directly feelings in the heart and soul. It isn’t just a concept or faintly registered feeling – it is profound and immediate recognition of the interaction and inter-relation of the way we hold our bodies and the way we feel and view ourselves. It is also a very expansive technique in that it doesn’t ignore other healing modalities which the Participant or Practitioner may be familiar with but allows these other techniques such as breath work and energetic readings or exchanges to be incorporated into the session. This is a truly nice bonus, as a Practitioner I didn’t feel walled in by boundaries but instead saw much possibility utilizing my intuitive and breath training together with this work.”

– Sean Matic, Actor