Sita Hamdani, Ph.D. and Hatha Yoga Teacher Trainer

“Tyr Throne is a teacher of teachers. He has been practicing yoga since 1968 and teaching since 1974 and has taught the anatomy and physiology for our Hatha teacher training and many others around the world. His knowledge of the body and how it works is like a deep nourishing river that is a wonderful experience to drink from.

He is especially elegant at helping you find ways to quickly open into each asana in a way that is more flexible than you imagined. The way he teaches is a beautiful blend of demonstration and time to practice and experience the benefits for yourself; and then he shows you how to integrate all you are learning into your yoga teaching and help all different kinds of students; even those with many challenges.

His way of teaching is interesting, dramatic, theatrical, funny, inspiring, and unforgettable; and he finds a way to make it fun and it really builds your confidence as a yoga practitioner and teacher because of his clarity and the precise way you learn about how the skeleton and muscles really work.

He is gentle, wise and kind and a true master and teacher of teachers who creates a safe, peaceful, calm and enjoyable atmosphere to go deep into your self and feel and learn yoga at a profound level. I hope you have a chance to study with him; it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life.”

— Sita Hamdani, PhD, yoga practitioner/teacher/therapist, and Hatha Yoga Teacher Training organizer and head assistant

Durga - Director of Babaji's Kriya Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program

“Tyr Throne taught anatomy and physiology for our Hatha Yoga Teachers Training program and the participants got so much out of it. His deep knowledge of yoga and will help you learn how to further your practice and our Hatha Yoga Teachers Training program and the participants got so much out of it.

His deep knowledge of yoga and will help you learn how to further your practice and serve students with special needs and challenges like those that are very tight or injured and the elderly. Working with him is a great opportunity to study with someone with a deep knowledge of the body and further your practice and teaching of yoga.”

– Durga, director of Babaji’s Kriya Hatha Yoga Teachers Training programs

Rudolph Ballentine, M.D. - Founding President of the Himalayan Yoga Health Institute

“I highly recommend Tyr Throne’s work. I have achieved greater results from working with him than any other yoga therapist that I have experienced.

His specialty is in helping people get younger and more healthy and flexible, taking out any twists and compressions that cause pain, and slowly moving the body towards its ideal alignment and form. He also does outstanding work with injuries and tight or painful or blocked areas.

His work is very interesting and his ideas are very stimulating and inspiring. He works carefully with each person individually on what is most important to them. You set up what you want to achieve and how you want to evolve and he is quite expert at helping you get there.

I have worked with many professionals over my over 40 years of practicing yoga and holistic medicine and feel that he is the world’s expert on movement and posture and nobody knows more than him about this and that it would be really good for anyone interested in improving their health, flexibility, body use, movement, and posture to work with him. He is an excellent teacher about the body and a lot of fun to work with and has the highest level of personal and professional integrity. I hope you have a chance to experience and benefit from his work. It really is a great pleasure.”

— Rudolph Ballentine, MD, founding president of the Himalayan Institute for yogic studies, international authority on yoga and holistic medicine, and bestselling author of eight books on yoga and holistic medicine including “Radical Healing”

Joseph Reid - Yoga and Meditation Teacher

“Tyr Throne’s work is one of the most uniquely empowering experiences I’ve ever had. In two hours I was presented with a completely fresh view of not only my body, but how my mind and emotions affect my body, how my body in turn affects them, and how spiritually awakened I could become by applying simple yet profound techniques to improve my life. I feel like I can truly become the person I want to be.

From Tyr’s work I have a greater awareness of my posture, and a desire and tool to change the way that my body works. Emotionally I feel stronger – and when I feel vulnerable and lost by some turmoil I could return to Tyr’s “fountain of youth” process and find comfort and empowerment there. It was strangely wonderful how I could “hands on” change my body. I have realized once again the potential and power to change myself, to challenge myself.

The work is essential. I remember asking my sixth grade catholic nun science teacher, as we were studying evolution and reached the stage of humans today, “What happens next?” She said there was no next, we’re where we’re supposed to be, here is where we stay. I remember never being satisfied with that answer.

The work of Tyr fulfills my sixth grade self’s sense of satisfaction of knowing I was right. There is further to go. The work crashes down walls, clears away the blockages, awakens true channels and releases magnificence. Tyr’s work has been one of the most beautiful, nurturing, expanding, and magnificent experiences of my life; which grew totally and organically out of not only the goals that I prepared, but also on the foundation of all our previous work together – thank you.

Tyr is patient, an excellent listener, has excellent communication skills, is intelligent and worldly, and has an evident love of learning and desire to challenge and change perceptions of the world. The time and care put into the session and the creation of the support materials speaks of a fully mapped out plan, very professional, caring, and thorough. His interests and important knowledge in so many different schools of thought: anatomy, dance, yoga, movement, psychology, sculpting, etc. are coming together in a way I’ve never experienced before in a person. Keep going further Tyr – you are a being of light!”

– Joseph Reid, yoga and meditation teacher